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Our Landscaping Work Covers Mulching

Have you been thinking about installing mulch in your backyard? Installing mulch is a great way to improve your plants’ health since it adds nutrients and protection from environmental factors. If you want this kind of landscape improvement, consider booking mulching services from a landscaping company such as Crew Green Landscaping. We can apply mulch to the landscape on your property in Charlotte, NC.

Why Apply Mulch?

If your property has a lawn and if you have plants in and around the plants, mulch can be applied to the soil and the plants will benefit from it. Mulch is made up of organic matter such as grass cuttings, leaves, and shredded tree trimmings. It can also contain inorganic matter such as gravel so that they cancel each other out. By applying mulch, you’ll improve the health of your plants and the soil they’re growing in. If you want this kind of landscape improvement, hire professionals like us to mulch it for you.

We Can Mulch the Landscape!

Our mulching services include the installation of mulch to the landscape on your property. We’ll remove any existing mulch on the landscape and prepare the soil before applying the new mulch. You get to choose what kind of mulch you want. If you want them all to have the same consistency, we can mix the mulch. But if you want each layer to be of its own consistency, we can do that as well. Rest assured that the mulch we apply will be of excellent quality so that the results will be great. If the landscape on your property needs to be mulched, you know who to call.

Crew Green Landscaping is the landscaping company that provides the mulching services you need so that the landscape will be improved. Do you want the landscape on your property in Charlotte, NC to be mulched? Give us a call at (980) 325-3725 today so we can start right away!